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Senior Leadership

Thank you for visiting our web site. We are pleased to have the opportunity to share information with current and potential clients, service organizations, and other stakeholders about the services we provide today in our local communities. Having worked with this agency for 20 years, I have watched both the growth of its contributions to our eight-county service area and the increased support provided to us in turn by our communities.

While state budget cuts have affected public behavioral healthcare and developmental disability services across the entire state, we have continued our commitment to quality care by increasing outreach to all the counties we serve and finding more cost-effective ways of delivering the services that our clients seek most. New service innovations have replaced outdated treatment methods. As a result, we offer services that are more effective, efficient, and community-based. I personally look forward to hearing from clients, families, agencies, and others.

Thank you for your support of our programs, and your support of individuals and families who need the services we provide.

Beth Ragan, CEO
Middle Flint Behavioral HealthCare

Board Leadership

A message from the Middle Flint Behavioral HealthCare Board Chair:

Having served as a member of the Middle Flint Community Services Community Service Board for over a decade, I have had a front row seat to watch the many positive changes that have been made in providing behavioral health and developmental disability services to this area. Today, Middle Flint is a state leader in the establishment of community partnerships, the use of technology in making services more accessible, the development of a free-standing foundation, and a host of other initiatives. Most importantly, I believe that Middle Flint Behavioral Healthcare is a caring provider of services to individuals and families with significant needs.

The members of our governing board were selected by the counties they serve and represent the interests of their communities, as well as the entire service area. Our Board meets monthly, and our meetings are open to the public. If you would like to learn more about Board leadership at Middle Flint, please come join us.

David Fallin, Chair
Middle Flint Behavioral HealthCare Community Service Board

Middle Flint Behavioral HealthCare Community Services Board Members:

David Fallin Chair, Crisp County
Suzanne Roquemore Co-Chair, Sumter County
Joanne Watson Vice Chair, Marion County
Harriett Tookes Secretary, Taylor County
Margaret Melton Treasurer, Schley County
David Haigler Macon County
Lovie Foster Webster County
Vacant Dooly County
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